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Blog Post #6 – Final Blog Post (Engaging your PLN)

Throughout the past six weeks, this course provided me valuable insight into personal learning networks and how they serve to help people form connections and build a stronger knowledge base. For this blog post, I would like to focus on… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #5 – PLNs and Awareness Opportunities

Before beginning this prompt, I would like to express how important it is to be discussing these current events in Canada and how they connect to our learning material. After listening to the interview with Brad Baker, I have gained… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #4 – Balancing PLN, Media Literacy, & Public Discourse

First would like to say how informative the videos and readings have been for this week’s blog post! Consider how you would curate your social media with a critical public audience. In answering this prompt specifically, I would express extreme… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #3 – PLN, Inclusion, and Community Engagement

This week’s blog post on PLN’s, Inclusion, and Community Engagement is a very interesting topic. For this blog prompt, I will primarily focus on the health care sector for the first section and the push for inclusion and community engagement… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #2 – V&R Mapping

What digital platforms are students currently using to develop their professional network? I believe students currently utilize a wide range of platforms that allow them to improve their professional network. Myself for example have been using numerous platforms that serve… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #1 – Personal Learning Networks and Digital Identity

Since the inception of the internet, individuals have constantly been involved in large personal learning networks (PLN) and expressing themselves in a way that creates a unique digital identity. A PLN is a learning method of communicating, sharing and questioning… Continue Reading →

Self-Introduction Video/Post

My name is Omar El-Halabi, and it’s very nice to meet you! I was born in Calgary A.B Canada, and came to Victoria four years ago and been studying at University of Victoria ever since. I am currently in my… Continue Reading →

Welcome and Introduction

Before proceeding with this first blog post, we expect you to consider your privacy preferences carefully and that you have considered the following options: Do you want to be online vs. offline? Do you want to use your name (or… Continue Reading →

Test Social Media Post

This post  will appear in a few places: in the blog feed on the front of your website in the Learning Design menu on your website. This is because we have applied the “edci338” category to this post and the… Continue Reading →

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